The GaMi16 Code


The GaMi16 system had for every accessory a numeric and a letter code, "telex code". In the next list there are all known codes. You can see some numeric jumps, by these it's possible to think to a very accurate system project. You can see the documentation by the links.



GaMi Code

GaMi subminiature camera

1657 GAPIU'
Eye correcting lens + 3 d
1658 GAMEN
Eye correcting lens - 3 d
1668 GASPO
1669 GABOR
Special carryng case
1670 GAING
1671 GARIP
1672 GABRA 
1673 GATOP 
1674 GAMIC
1675 GAPES
1681 GAVIS 
1682 GATEG 
1683 GASTU
Special deluxe carring case
1684 GAUV
1685 GARON
1688 GABUM 
Album for negatives
1689 GAVEL 
 Light for frame viewer 1681 GAVIS
1690 GADIA 
1691 GAPRO 
1692 GAOBB 
Enlarger lens f/4 30mm
1693 GASIN 
1694 GAMOC 
1695 GARAN
1696 GAPAL 
1698 GANOR
Carring case
1699 GABUS 
Envelopes for negatives (10 pcs)
1700 GAFOL 
Single sheets for album (30 pcs)
1702 GACAT 
Carring chain *
1702 GAPAN
* The two accessories have the same number. The panoramic device didn't put on the market.




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