The "Enlarger" perhaps is the most important accessory for the "GaMi16 system". This enlarger is a wonderful precision instrument. It's equipped with a simple but very good semi-automatic focusing device. The costruction is perfect in all parts, mechanical and optical. The lens is a 30mm f/4 designed to be used at this value to give the best quality. The lighting system is builded to have a semi-diffusing light to reduce the grain and other defects on the film. The arm holding the head can be stopped at different positions on the column, numbered 1 to 6, corresponding to the same series of numbers on the focusing ring of the lens, when the numbers match perfect focus is achieved for a particular magnification: N°1 5.5x enlargement, N°2 7.5x, N°3 9x, N°4 11.5x, N°5 16x, N°6 21.5x. Enlargemnts ratios greater than 21.5x are possible if the head is rotated 180° for operation outside of the baseboard i.e. on the floor....

Code: Gaing n°1670



The lens 30mm f/4 also was sold separately from the enlarger in order to use it on any other enlarger.

Code: Gaobb n°1692



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