Frame viewer


This accessory serves to the vision and chosen of the frames with the aid of an eyeglass with aplanatic lens with a magnification factor of 7x. A punch marks the chosen frame for the printing. This perforation allows, once inserted the film in the GaMi16 enlarger, to choose the frame to print. The "Frame viewer" allows to watch also slides 2"x2" frames, replacing the film holder support with a slide holder. The "Frame viewer" is constructed like all the other accessories with materials like stainless steel and anodized aluminium. There are two variations during the production. The first has printed the "Officine Galileo" logo on the punch, the last version has the logo on the left side of the frame viewer body. There is a "prototype version", smaller and with many differences from the market version.... Soon we can see this rare prototype.....





Left: Variation with logo on punch. Right:Logo on Frame Viewer body.






Code: Gavis n°1681

A small illuminator with batteries was also available who allowed to use the "Frame viewer" in not optimal conditions of light.

Code: Gavel n°1689





The "Frame Viewer" was sold with this packaging


The frame viewer had two accessories: the first to chosen and punch the negatives to enlarger, the second is a slides viewer 2"x2".

Frame viewer in filmholder version and slides viewer 2"x2" version.

Frame Viewer with GaMi16 slides 2"x2".






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