The Spoolwinder is an indispensable accessory to reload the GaMi magazines with bulk 16mm film. This device accepts a 100feet spool of 16mm film. By 22 turns of the handle is wound for a 30 exposure GaMi16 load. The first version was painted with black oven enamel. The second version was painted with metalic green enamel.


Code: Gabob n°1680






The two variations of the Spoolwinder


The two different number plates types




The first Spoolwinder type



The "Spoolwinder" was sold with a clamp to fix it on a table. There are two versions of clamp.

On the left the first version, on the right the second version



A prototype never gone on the market join a Spoolwinder with a Film cutter which allow the cut of a 35mm film to 16mm in only one operation. The device permits the reloading of cassettes without touching the film loading procedure.

Prototype of the Spoolwinder coupled to a Film cutter


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