Close-up lens Prox

The GaMi16 focuses through the coupled rangefinder, as close as 20inches. The accessory Close-up lens, called "Prox", permits close-focusing down to a range of 10 inches. You can see exactly what the camera will take at all distances because of full parallax correction. They aren't known variations during the production.

Code: Galen n°1652

Close-up lens "PROX"

GaMi16 with "Prox Lens"


This three pictures are taken with "Prox Lens"



Picture taken with Prox Lens to 32cm

Film Kodak Gold100 1/100 f:8



Picture taken with Prox Lens to 25cm

Film Kodak Gold100 1/100 f:11(flash)



Winter 2005

Film Kodak Gold100 1/250 f:8

Picture taken with Prox Lens to 25cm


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