Automatic device for shooting panoramic pictures


This beautiful accessory was introduced during the Fair of Milan of 1959 with the "underwater device". Unlike of this last accessory it was of great quality. This panoramic head allowed, once fixed to a sturdy tripod and coupled to a GaMi16, to execute three or more consecutive releases than approximately 33° of field angle. Once printed the pictures, the photos could be aligned in order to compose one panoramic photo until 360°. The possibility existed to carry out also multiple releases with Tele 4x. With this objective the device made releases of 5° 30', that they corresponded approximately to the angle of field of Tele 4x. The head had also one bubble for the perfect alignment on the land. The accessory also having just a code of reference does not appear in nobody of the sale lists.

Code: Gapan n°1702





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