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... GaMi – the tiny new camera ....

This was Alfredo Ornano’s opening sentence for an article in nr.8 of Ferrania, August 1953. It announced the introduction on the market of the GaMi16. The new “little camera” was actually one of the most innovative subminiature photo cameras ever invented and put into production. The article completely describes all the characteristics of the GaMi16 and announces the series of accessories soon to be on the market. Probably this is the first article to appear in a magazine after the presentation of the GaMi16 at the XXXI Milan Exhibition in April 1953.


"Ferrania"n.8 August 1953


The launch of GaMi16 was prepared with big care and professionally. Many reviews appeared on international specialized magazines. One of the most complete article was published on "Photoguide Magazine"(London) of August 1954. The article title was "Precision in a nutshell" of L.A. Manneheim. The magazine of the Officine Galileo "Notizie Galileo" on the number of December 1954, published the complete traslation of the article.


From "Photoguide Magazine" August 1954



A very interesting article of Jason Schneider about GaMi16 was published on 1982 in "Camera Collecting" Book Two.

From "Camera Collecting" Book Two 1982

(By courtesy of Mr.Jason Schneider)


One of the most complete article about the "GaMi16 System" was published on the french magazine "CYCLOPE" n.42 Mars-April 1999.

The article of James Jacob is very complete but there is a mistake... the birth date of the GaMi16 is the 1953 and not the 1955...

From: "CYCLOPE" n.42 Mars/April 1999





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