Slides for GaMi16 transparencies


 The slides 2x2" for GaMi16 transparencies were sold at the launch of the camera on market. In a slides box there were 50 cardboard slides. Inside there were 25 vertical and 25 horizontal slides. The window frame was 11x16mm. This type of slides are good only for the unperforated film. After two or three years they were replaced by a "universal" slide with a window frame of 9x15mm that allowed the use of transparencies on perforated and unperforated film. In this last choice during the projection the transparencies had cut a part of image. In the box of 50 slides there weren't the vertical slides.


Horizontal and vertical slides "first version" with window frame of 11x16mm

Cover of the 50 slides box with instructions.



"Second version" with 50 slides all horizontal with window frame of 9x15mm



Slide for perforated and unperforated film with frame window of 9x15mm


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