Daylight developing tank

The "Daylight developing tank" was the first accessory to be sold. The construction is extremely sturdy and high-quality. The main body is a fusion in painted aluminum while all the mechanism of winding of the film is in black anodized aluminium. Some parts are in stainless steel.


Code: Gasvi n°1660


This leaflet exists in two different versions. The first (1955), with a picture of a train on the cover and a picture of a winter landscape on the rear.


The first version of the cover (1955)


The second version (February 1960) has a picture of boats on the cover and a picture of a child near to a Christmas tree, on rear.


Second version of leaflet (2/1960)


Inside the two versions have a different title, the first is "Instructions for the use of the Daylight Developing Tank"......


First version (1955)


....the version of 1960 has a more simple title: "Daylight Developing Tank"...


Version February 1960


In the other parts the leaflets are identical.



During the production, the developing tank had only two variations. The developing tanks with serial numbers white numbers and serial number red. The red number are with 6 and 5 digit, the white numbers only 5 digit near to 33XXX. These have the inferior part a bit lower than those with white numbers. From a more careful examination it seems that the two fusions are different in the dimensions that in some other aesthetic particulars. Probably after a first series was prepared a new mould for the fusion.






The two variations of the Developing tank




The Developing Tank was sold with this packaging, inside there were the leaflets in Italian and English language and two spares flanges to attach the film.




The last Developing Tanks were sold in a different box. Inside there are the leaflets in English and Italian language and two spares flanges to attach the film. This box is like the other accessories boxes.

The second version of the Developing Tank box


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