Empty Film Cartridge and Film



The Officine Galileo, at the moment of the breaking in commerce of the GaMi16, sold to the photoamateurs and the industries that produced sensitive material, the empty loaders for being able to use several qualities of film. With the Film Cutter and the Spoolwinder it was possible to load whichever film 35mm and 16mm in commerce. The Officine Galileo supplied the loaders also to the producers of sensitive material that they wanted to put in commerce particular films beyond to the films commonly commercialized: Ferrania, Ilford and Ansco.

The film types in commerce for GaMi16

The films were sold directly by "Officine Galileo" in cartridges of 30 exposures:

Code Film Cartridge "Ilford FP3 100asa": Gaforpi 1663

Code Film Cartridge "Ilford PanF 25asa": Gafor 1661

Code Film Cartridge "Ilford HPS 200-400asa": Gapes 1675

Code Film Cartridge "Ferraniacolor negativa": Gafen 1667

Code Film Cartridge "Ferraniacolor invertibile": Gafecol 1666

Code Film Cartridge "Ferrania P3 50asa": Gafer 1662

Code Film Cartridge "Anscochrome invertibile": Gansco 1664


In the United States it was possible to find GaMi16 loaders with film Kodachrome 25 with development and assembly included in the price.

On right side the 5 Cartridge package

In this photo you can see as they came manifactures from the Officine Galileo in packages from 5 cartridges for the sale to the photo dealer and producers of sensitive materials. When the production of the GaMi16 stopped the cartridges for a time was produced from an external workshop, this allowed the use of the camera for a number of years.

Code: Gaspo 1668



Film Cartridge


The Film Cartridges were sold in a little alluminium can sealed by tape. Generally the Color film had a green tape, the Black and white film had an yellow tape.

Black & White and Color Film Cartridges


Inside there is a little verification ticket with a printed number. In case of any claim this ticket had to be sent to "Officine Galileo"


The film cartridge with verification ticket

Verification tickets



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