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http://www.3camera.com One of the best camera repair service in the world..

http://www.joopscameracollection.nl/   A site really important for all subminiature's lovers. Thanks Joop.....

http://www.filmferrania.com/    Ferrania film is alive and kicking !!! The analogic film Ferrania will come back soon.....

http://www.subclub.org/ The first and the most complete site on subminiature world.

"Fotoclub Antiquario Italiano" A site very important for the story of the GaMi16 and not only!!!

http://www.mediajoy.com/en/cla_came/gami16/ A site very interesting on how use the GaMi16.

http://www.nikonhs.org/ The site of Nikon Historical Society. A very important on Nikon "world"

Fotocamera The site of one of the most important italian dealer of classic cameras.

http://www.jandcphoto.com A very interesting website to find "old fashioned films"...

http://www.mwclassic.com This is the site of one of the most competent dealer of classic camera in the world.

http://www.topgabacho.com/ A very interesting site dedicated to Italian cameras. A good chapter on GaMi16 and Condor cameras of Officine Galileo of Florence.

http://www.ritzcam.com/ A very important dealer of classic camera and not only....

http://members.aol.com/dcolucci/ The fantastic site of Dan Colucci! All on Antique and Classic Cameras. A very good evaluation service.

http://www.pacificrimcamera.com/ One of the most important camera dealer in the world.

http://www.newoldcamera.it/ A very important site of one of the most important classic camera dealer in Italy (Milan).

Innovative cameras A very interesting site about a "collecting cameras philosophy".

Classic Cameras A great classic camera site.

http://www.rolleiclub.com/ The ultimate website for Rolleiflex enthusiast !!!!

http://www.dagcamera.com/ Very interesting site where is possible to find rare parts of vintage cameras like: Leica, Minox, Robot, Canon, early Rolleiflex ecc.



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