Film Cutter

The "Film Cutter" it is one of those accessories that have allowed in a way much simple to use with the GaMi16 whichever type of film 35mm in commerce. Two various models of "Film Cutter" exist. The first model put in commerce cut the common film 35mm reducing it to 16mm for means of a device that used two common razor blades from beard. This model produced until 1959 introduced some problems of cut precision that was not never perfect why the edges of the irregular film remained always . During 1959 the new model was introduced that resolved the cut problem. The structure of the "Film Cutter" it was identical but the blades had been replaced from two round blades that allow a cut of high precision. Two variations of color exist: black and in green metalized color. The model with the round blades exists in green and grey color.



Code: Gateg n° 1682




The "Film Cutter" with round blades


"Film cutter". First type black enamel



"Film cutter". Second type with green enamel


Third type with round blades.


The two version, with razor blades and with round blades



The "Film Cutter" was sold with a clamp to fix it on a table. There are two versions of clamp.


On the left the first version, on the right the second version




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