Underwater cover for GaMi16 Camera



The "Underwater cover for GaMi16 camera" has been the last accessory put on sale by Officine Galileo at the beginning of 1959. Perhaps it's the worst accessory of the "GaMi16 System". The construction hasn't the qualitative level of the other realizations. The latex glove, that constitutes the waterproof system, is extremely delicate and not practical even with immersions of few meters. The realization hadn't successful and probably it wasn't regularly inserted in the catalogue. In the same years, as an example, the Minox B had to disposition a beautiful underwater housing in Perpex that allowed immersions until to 30/40 meters of depth.


Underwater housing for Minox B (1958)





"Underwater cover for GaMi16 camera". Leaflet (03/1959)


"Underwater cover for GaMi16 camera"(Prototype)without glove. (1958)





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