Over fifty years old...but it doesn't seems like it!!!


 Toghether we'll open an old wooden crate of "Officine Galileo". It has been sealed for the last fifty years..... We'll discover that there are two very important GaMi16 accessories inside. The dimensions are: 29.5'x21.6'x15.3'inch, the weight over 70 pounds. On the outside there is Officine Galileo logo and a "Fragile" warning. After the top has been removed we found very sturdy wrapping paper.....




 We open the paper and the wrapped GaMi16 enlarger parts will appear...



  Inside, under the protective padding and crepe paper the enlarger parts begin to appear.....



   First the very heavy enlarger column.......



  Another gorgeous GaMi accessory surfaces, the Copying Outfit, still inside the crate....



  The enlarger body and the Copying outfit are marked with an "Attention notice".



  The "Attention Notice" says:

 Extreme caution must be exercised when unpacking the contents of this box. Make sure to double-check each piece of packaging paper to ensure that all the small piece are found and removed, and that nothing remains in the box.  The contents in the box have been carefully checked twice before leaving the factory.





 Here are the main parts of the enlarger unwrapped. On the left side the 4 rubber bumpers that must be attached to the underside of the baseboard. Once mounted the enlarger appears in its very sturdy robustness.



 Attached to the condenser head is a little card which indicates the bulb type to be used.




 The reproduction device can be mounted on the enlarger column.




 And now it's possible to mount a GaMi16 camera on it. The image through the reproduction device is spectacular !!!




  The complete description of the two accessories will be made inside of the instructions next.




If you like to send any information about GaMi16, please write to:

email: info@gami16.com



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