GaMi16 and accessories

Versions 1956/1962


During the years 1956/1962 were published some new editions of the booklet "GaMi16 and accessories". Below there are the booklets with the different versions.



Version 1956


Versions 1956/1957/1962


Versions 1956/1957/1962

Developing Tank Spoolwinder Empty Film Cartridges

Versions 1956/1957/1962

Copyng Outfit Frame viewer Close-up Lens Prox

Versions 1956/1957/1962

Telelens Microscope Adapter Projection Lens Prism for viewfinder Color Filters

Version 1956 with only the Telelens 4x

Telelens Microscope Adapters

Version 1957. During this year was launched the Telelens 8x

Flash Attachment Film Cutter Slides for Trasparencies.

Version 1956

Color Filters Prism for viewer Flash Attachment Projection Lens Film Cutter

Version 1957.

Version 1956. Only pictures taken with Telelens 4x

Slides for Trasparencies

Version 1957. The pictures are taken with Telelens 4x and 8x. The 8x was launched on April 1957


Telelens Microscope adapter

Version 1962. Telelens 8x and 4x. Only one type of Microscope adapter

Color Filters Prism for viewer Film Cutter Flash attachment

Version 1962. A new type of flash attachment. And the new type of Film Cutter with round blades.

Version 1962. A new Special Carring Case


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